Winterfinding (Ascendant Realms, #2) by Daniel Casey



The author sent me an ARC (epub format) in exchange for an honest review.


My rating:  4  of  5  stars

(by Goodreads)

Winterfinding, book two of the Ascendant Realms series, picks up after where Adversaries Together left off.

After defeating the pirate mercenary Asa Salda, Avery Roth leaves his new allies and goes north to deliver to his elders – the mysterious Caretakers – the orphaned child Colm. Meanwhile, Jena Char erases any traces of the group to prevent or stall any further bounty hunters.

Wynne Landis has gone to the seat of the world’s dominate religion, The Cathedral in the city of Sulecin, in the hopes of negotiating an end the siege of his home city of Rikonen. His daughter Fery stays by the side of the fallen paladin Goshen Staad, the mercenary Declan Rainway, and the priestess Kira Ambrose as they discover more about who is pursuing them and why.

All the while, the Seven Spires has amassed an army set to conquer Rikonen with The Cathedral’s blessing. But before it can set out on its war path, intrigue unsettles The Cathedral as word arrives of an armada from the far southern nation of Lappala. Do they want war? Trade? Or something else?


Genre(s):  Fantasy

Series:  Ascendant Realms, #2

Length:  171 pages

Release Date:  2015-03-24



“If this fleet decided to break The Blockade…” Riv thought.

“Why would they?” Cochrane shook his head.

“They’ll just sail on, to Anhra or even Bandra maybe. Either way. The Spires are going to get a gift poisoned gift.”


My Opinion

This second book in the Ascendant Realms series picks up where the first one ended. This is an easier read as I got to know the main characters in Adversaries Together. The story has a pleasant flow, it is a gripping story with interesting characters and new challenges. There were some typos in the ARC, they are presumably corrected by now.

With Winterfinding, Daniel Casey has created a great sequel to the quite thrilling fantasy series Ascendant Realms, with characters to like and/or to detest. The story still comprises several plot lines – it is easier to follow, this time; characters leave enough room for the readers’ imagination; sufficient depth, nicely woven situations and interesting interactions. I enjoyed Jena’s part in this book – she’s an awesome character. Winterfinding drew me in; I’m hooked – looking forward to reading book three in the series. This is for you if you like fantasy (different clans, adversaries, dialogues).

A very promising fantasy series.

In brief:

Writing Good
Plot Some twists
Mood Suspenseful
Pace Steady
Characters Some one-dimensional, others developed
Violence Some violence
Sexual content No sexual content
POV Third person


About the author

Daniel Casey has a MFA in Creative Writing-Poetry from the University of Notre Dame. He’s been an adjunct English instructor, a soccer journalist, and a literary magazine editor. He blogs occasionally and continues to freelance.


Connect with the Author:


Please take a look at my statement on reading in My train of thoughts on …reading.  Now I am asking you.  🙂

My questions for you bibliophiles:
What about you?  What did you think about Winterfinding?  Or – if you did not yet read Winterfinding  – are you now interested in reading it yourself?

My question for you cinephiles:
If Winterfinding was filmed – who should direct it, who could you imagine as actors?

I am looking forward to reading your comments.  🙂


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