Inspiration for ‘Oh. My. Dog!’

As nearly everything can be a source of inspiration, I briefly reflected about how ‘Oh. My. Dog!’ was born…

My flash fiction series “Oh. My. Dog!” introduces this pub:

The Yorkshire Terrier


You find it (as well as the delicious Ghost Ale) here…



We visited York in March 2014, interviewed author David Coles at the National Railway Museum (inspiration for ‘Potatoes at the Museum‘), strolled around and discovered this pub, the ale, the ‘Coffee Yard’ (we walked through at least twice, no coffee smells, though). I knew that York would have to be featured in some stories one day.

>>> Keywords:  York, The Yorkshire Terrier pub, Ghost Ale, Coffee Yard



The second inspiration was a dream; a dream about a student and his dog. The dog was important, needed to fulfil several requirements.

>>> Keywords:  Male student – new in York, male dog: the right one for this young man, i.e. not too small, not too big, having a certain ability, a touch of mischief



The third inspiration was the result of my survey after completing the flash fiction series “Neighbors!”

>>> Keywords:  Another location, flash fiction series, a touch of mystery




I am an author. Everything you say or do – may be used in a story.  😉



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