Meanwhile, back at the Writing Cabin

Another hilarious moment at Craig’s writing cabin. Enjoy, my friends!

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Pain. Throbbing. Cold. I put a hand to my head, felt the ice bag, and removed it. I swiveled my legs to the floor and opened my eyes. I’m cross eyed.

It looked like I was in the paranormal office, on the couch. My right eye wandered independently of my left. I closed my eyes and put the ice bag back.

Lisa* ran down the hall and into the room. I decided to try one eye at a time. She wore her short coveralls, a tee shirt, and rubber kitchen gloves. Her hair was tied back in a bandana. “Slow down. Don’t get up too fast.”

“Not a problem. What happened?”

“I don’t know completely. I finished my shoot with Sean Harrington, and came home. The cabin was a mess, and you turned into a giant snail.”

“Remember that bronze bust of me?”


“My head feels like that.”


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