Memoir ‘Miss Fortune’ celebrates 4 months since publication date.

Dear readers,
this time, I would like to present you an article about a memoir by Albina Hume. Please do not hesitate to visit her blog:
My review of ‘Miss Fortune’ will be published within the next weeks.


Today, on the 4th month anniversary of my memoir’s publication I’ve received a special review from a lady, Elena Pavlova- from Russia with Love!

Dear Albina,
It`s 4 months passed since your book release (it was 15th of May if I am not mistaken). I am sorry for being late with the read and review (it`s been several busy months for me). But you know, once I started (it was on Saturday last week), I couldn`t help but finishing it before I could close my e-book on tablet and put it aside (it took me two days flat to read from cover to cover), it was SO captivating and thrilling! What I can tell, you clearly chose not an ordinary (softly speaking!) life pack for this your soul journey time (speaking in words of New Age), or what interesting karma you`ve got (speaking in words of The Vedic knowledge)!…

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