What matters in today’s world?

Presenting today: Dr. Bob Rich

Bobbing Around

What matters in today’s world?

Ask the hero of my novel, The Doom Healer, which I am posting here for free, one chapter at a time.

Bill will tell you, there is one problem, and it has three fatal symptoms.

But even if it didn’t have fatal symptoms, this problem is still the cause of uncounted misery. It can be fixed. You can fix it for yourself, right now, and then you can be a focal point for others, showing them by example how to create contentment.

This necessary change has inspired all my writing, since 1972.

What’s the problem? It is a global culture that values and reinforces the worst in human nature: greed, fear and intolerance of difference, aggressiveness. The cliché, “Human nature being what it is…” implies that, basically, humans are nasty creatures.

Not so.

All those negatives are genuine parts of human nature, but so…

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