#mentalhealth drama CONDITIONED is now available for pre-sale

Christoph Fischer’s new book CONDITIONED (the sequel to CONDITIONS) is now available for pre-sale!
Mark the publication date in your calendars:  October 16, 2015


CONDITIONED, (the sequel to #mentalhealth drama CONDITIONS) –

and will be OUT ON OCT 16TH

Pre-order your copy using these links to your local Amazon site:



CONDITIONED COVER for cover revealThanks to Daz Smith for yet another great cover design

condiotioned-twitter-ad-oct16CONDITIONED dives back into the world of gardener Charles, his friends and the state of his mental health – one year on. We meet loner Simon and his battle with the outside world, co-dependent Martha and her abusive husband Clive, neurotic poet Catherine on the verge of getting married, Tony, who finds his strange brother Charles a challenge, psychic Elaine looking for a new direction in life and quirky widow Sarah Roseberg who has a go at sorting out all of their problems.
CONDITIONSaimed to sensitise readers and make them think about tolerance and acceptance.
CONDITIONED wants readers to look beyond their attitude towards Conditions and…

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