The ‘Premio Dardos bloggers’ award

Robin over at has nominated my blog for the ‘Premio Dardos blogger award. Please visit her blog to find witty blog posts, creative poetry, awesome photographs and more.  🙂


Prémio Dardos = Bull’s Eye! (prémio = prize, dardo = dart, jogo de dardo = (game of) darts)

There are so many bloggers I would like to nominate. All of your blog posts ‘speak’ to me. I also know that some of you do not accept awards and some of you already were awarded the Prémio Dardos; therefore I nominate some other dear bloggers, hoping that you at least consider this nomination as a token of my appreciation.


My nominees – in no particular order – are:

Teri Polen


Debby Gies

Mas Gautsen

Patty van Delft


E J Frost


Dear nominees, thank you for inspiring and or entertaining your readers – where would we all be without you.  🙂

Dear readers, enjoy these awesome blogs – they are all worth visiting, re-visiting and following.  🙂


13 thoughts on “The ‘Premio Dardos bloggers’ award

  1. Congratulations, Karen! Your acceptance post is beautiful. I love your new gravatar and look for your blog, too. Hugs for including me and mow, for my apologies. . .
    I am embarrassed I must have had a rather busy week to have missed this lovely post, Karen! I did go to my Mom’s from Oct 30 through Nov 8th but did “piecemeal work” with blogging. Please forgive my tardy response.
    Have great rest of the week, Karen! 🙂

    • Thank you very much for the praise, Robin.
      No need to apologise. We were away for only five days (without computer access) and – I had a lot of catching up to do; I might have missed lots of important blog posts as well.
      Have a fab rest of the week, Robin! 🙂

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