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Kelly Bennett Seiler is the author of The Plan and Shifting Time. A former high school English teacher and school counselor, she has written articles for such websites as eHow and Livestrong, in addition to creating questions for nationally standardized exams. She’s been featured by Woman’s Day magazine, NPR and PBS and was on the cover of Military Spouse magazine. Kelly has edited numerous books, including a New York Times bestseller. She received both her Bachelor’s degree and her Master’s degree in English from Bucknell University in Pennsylvania. A native of New Jersey, Kelly currently lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and three children.


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My personal mottoes:

She, who can make her friends laugh, is blessed.

Good things don’t come to those who wait. Good things come to those who work their asses off and never give up.

10 statements
  1. A typical work day begins with… a to-do list! I bought myself an old-fashioned planner and I keep an ongoing list in there of what needs to get done. On each calendar day, I write down each thing I accomplish, even if it’s just “write three paragraphs” or “mail out two books to bloggers.” I feel a sense of accomplishment when I look back on the day and see I completed at least a few things off my to-do list.
  2. I lose track of time… when I’m writing. If I’m on a roll, I can write and write and write and, before I know it, a couple of hours have passed. Of course, I also lose track of time when I’m scrolling through Facebook! Only one of those ‘losing-track-of-time” actions, though, is productive.
  3. I have always… wanted to live in Ireland. I traveled there, for the first time, last year and am chomping at the bit to go back. A good friend of mine just moved to Northern Ireland and I can’t wait to go visit!
  4. I have never… wanted to bungee jump, scuba dive or jump out of a plane.
  5. Home means to me… getting comfortable being who you are and who your soul desires to be.
  6. I am inspired by… my daughter. She is dyslexic and schoolwork and reading are a tremendous struggle for her. Yet, she never gives up. Never complains. She just keeps trying and trying until she finds a way to be successful. I also see that trait carry over into other areas of her life – like basketball.
  7. I would like to meet… Oprah. I mean, who doesn’t want to meet Oprah? I’ve met Gayle King, so I’m getting closer!
  8. My worst character trait… I have a difficult time relaxing. I feel as if I always need to be doing something and often, I neglect to just enjoy the moment.
  9. My best character trait… I’m a really good friend. I make an enormous effort in my friendships and am intentional in trying to nurture those relationships. I rarely ever lose touch with people. When I meet a new person, my mom often says, “Do they know that they’ll now have to be your friend forever?”
  10. The best advice I was given… learn to take a compliment. You would think this is easy, but it’s not – at least, not for me.


shifting time cover

Shifting Time – buy link

Despite her great life in New York City as a prestigious book editor, Meade Peterson can’t shake the heartache of losing her high school sweetheart. Fifteen years after his death, she still thinks about all the things—love, family, happiness—she’ll never have, now that Daniel’s gone. That is, until a new man, Tanner, enters Meade’s life and brings her the kind of joy she hasn’t experienced in years. She’s torn, though, over whether she can bear giving her heart away again. Taking time to reflect, Meade returns to her hometown of Austin for what should be a relaxing visit—but instead, she becomes the victim of a violent crime.

Upon waking from her real-life Texas nightmare, Meade finds herself in another world where she doesn’t recognize anything, until she realizes the man in bed beside her isn’t a stranger—it’s Daniel. Meade has awakened into an alternate existence where Daniel is very much alive, and has been part of her life for the past fifteen years.

Meade can’t believe her good fortune—she’s finally experiencing the life she’s always wanted! Or is she? As Meade quickly learns, if one thing in your life changes, nothing else may stay the same. And now she’s forced to face the question: Is what she’s gained worth what she’s destined to lose?

Release Date:  September 22, 2015

The Plan

Claire Matthews’ entire world—the one she shared with her husband and three children—shattered into a million pieces on a dark, winter road the day after Christmas. The only survivor of a brutal car crash that claimed the life of her entire family, she struggles to find a reason to wake up each morning.

On the other side of the Atlantic, Irishman Callum Fitzgerald’s actual birth was deemed a tragedy. Born a trilateral amputee, no one expected his life to amount to anything. Now in his thirties, Callum has defied the odds. Victorious over his own limitations, he’s built a life and a career around encouraging others to find a purpose for their pain. He assures the tens of thousands who flock from all around the world to hear his inspirational message that nothing occurs by happenstance; there’s always a greater plan.

Claire and Callum. Two individuals with seemingly little in common. Separated by years, physical abilities, and half a world. Yet, their lives unexpectedly converge, thus beginning a love story so profound and enduring, it turns the darkest tragedies into spectacular triumphs.

Release Date:  September 20, 2016

Pre-order:  http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1593096704?tag=simonsayscom

9 thoughts on “10 Statements – Kelly Bennett Seiler

  1. Inspiration in a nutshell.“Good things don’t come to those who wait. Good things come to those who work their asses off and never give up.“
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  2. Hi, Kelly. Love this statement: “Good things don’t come to those who wait. Good things come to those who work their asses off and never give up.“ So true!

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