Poll: Crossovers – yes or no?

Imagine your favourite series (books or TV) – what do you think about crossovers? Imagine possible and impossible scenarios: Dallas – Denver Clan, Miss Marple – Sherlock Holmes, Twilight – True Blood, etc.


I know writers who combine their own series. This is certainly a hard job, having to focus on the protagonists while hosting guest characters from a different series.


Please state your favourite series/character combinations in the comments.

Looking forward to reading your thoughts.  🙂


28 thoughts on “Poll: Crossovers – yes or no?

  1. I voted it depends, because some crossovers just come off as a sloppy mess. However, I would say in general I love a great crossover. In comic books it’s one of my favorite things.

  2. We had a brilliant series that was aired earlier this year in the UK, called ‘Cucumber.’ It was crossed with a series by the same writer called ‘Banana’ and I was gobsmacked how the writer introduced some the characters into each of the series. They were only feeling appearances but it was very cleverly done. The writer was Russell T Davies, who was the man behind bringing Doctor Who back to our TV screens back in 2005.

  3. I adore crossovers! That being said, it’s usually best to crossover in a way that doesn’t affect either series — as in, we don’t want readers to only follow one series, read the crossover, and then miss crucial information because they haven’t read the other series. For example, The Flash and Arrow have done a couple of crossover episodes — which is great for me, because I watch both shows — but for someone who only watches one show, they’d be wicked confused. The crossover I’m waiting for (and which will never happen, but whatever!) is a Disney Princess Avengers style movie. Wouldn’t that be epic???

    • Here’s to fab crossovers, Michelle!
      As I stated before, crossovers can be tricky, require lots of organising and skilful weaving of different plots.
      Your suggestion is awesome – someday a director might get creative and do just that. 😀

    • Some writers (e.g. D. N. Leo) who write more than one series actually have their respective protagonists appear in the other stories as well. Consider J. R. Ewing (Dallas) visiting Falcon Crest on a regular basis. There are lots of series considered spin-offs. Sometimes spin-offs are even funnier than the original series, Laura.

  4. Interesting question. I had to think about it for a minute before taking the poll. I’ve seen it well and not so well, so I guess it really depends. Looking forward to the results.

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