10 Things Writers Need To Stop Doing

Today, I share Nate’s great advice with you:

You Write Fiction

I’m going to be brief and to the point today. This is a message for every writer out there, myself included. You need to stop…

…Defining success by number of book sales.

…Pressuring yourself to always write well.

…Assuming no one wants to read your work.

…Writing what everyone else is writing just to feed the market.

…Doubting your own talent, skills, and dedication.

…Equating a missed quota or wordless day with failure.

…Getting pulled down by bad reviews or negative criticism.

…Paying attention to unwarranted opinions on what you should or shouldn’t write.

…Trying to write stories and characters that will please everyone.

…Finding excuses to not get back to work and finish that story.


You’re better than all of that. Keep calm and write on, friend.

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6 thoughts on “10 Things Writers Need To Stop Doing

  1. I like No. 1 on your list: defining success by number of book sales. So many of us tend to evaluate our work from that perspective–publishers and agents especially. As authors/writers, the field is certainly wider than that. Thanks for the reminder! Very helpful post today, Karen.

    • Thank you for your kind feedback, Paula.
      No. 1 could trigger writer’s block and even anxiety attacks.
      My take on my ‘success’: if there is at least one reader who likes my writing – I have achieved my goal. I write short stories and flash fiction series, did not have the time to complete a book, yet…

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