Poll: Unusual Dreams

We dream. Sometimes our dreams are nice, sometimes they may be weird.

I admit that unusual dreams can be pretty inspiring, making me write down some keywords in my little black book. These keywords may rest for some days, months – or even years – until they are released into a story.


Dear readers, you might have guessed that this blog post originates in an unusual dream. An urban fantasy story is waiting for its time to see the light of day.  :mrgreen:



11 thoughts on “Poll: Unusual Dreams

  1. This is a fascinating topic, as dreams for me can vary wildly from soothing, eye-opening, to downright ludicrous, with no rhyme or reason many times. The morning after one, I often try to work out if they contain any doses of truth for me if they are striking or remain with me when I wake up. I find that when the weather turns I see the oddest dreams, or if I’ve possibly eaten too much the evening before, which is rare. Generally, though, if it is a bad dream, I just chalk it up to the fact that they are just illogical scenarios which should not be given much attention, and coffee is the perfect morning antidote to these!!

    • I couldn’t agree more!
      Some guys classify unusual dreams (not the type of illogical scenarios you mentioned) as nightmares or even as a reason to search the help of a psychologist. This is a pity – some interesting stories may be lost to the world…

  2. That was fun! I’ve had whole poems come to me in dreams. I solve plot problems or have scenes and dialog take shape. There’s a notebook by my bed for jotting them done…or they’re gone by morning.

    • Great choice! As all smartphones and computers are banned from the bedroom – my little black book is my first choice. Throughout the day, my memo app will take over. 🙂

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