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Deborah Coonts

My mother tells me I was born a very long time ago, but I’m not so sure—my mother can’t be trusted. These things I do know: I was raised in Texas on barbeque, Mexican food and beer. I am the author of Wanna Get Lucky? (A NY Times Notable Crime Novel and double RITA™ Finalist), its five sequels, Lucky Break being the latest, and four between-the-books novellas. Currently I’m stretching my writer muscles working on a women’s fiction/contemporary romance series set in Napa, a dark thriller, a romantic suspense series featuring a female helicopter pilot, as well as the next Lucky adventure—all very different projects. So, if you see me with a glass of Champagne in hand, you’ll understand. I can usually be found at the bar, but also at www.deborahcoonts.com.


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My personal motto:

Every day do something that scares you.

10 statements
  1. A typical work day begins with… coffee… lots of coffee. Boring, I know. I tried to better myself and switch to tea. Two days and I was homicidal. Yes, unabashedly American.
  2. I lose track of time… when I read or write. Stories capture me and I am instantly transported. Audiobooks in the car….OMG. Never again.
  3. I have always… dreamed of doing what I do now: write stories for a living and hang with other story lovers.
  4. I have never… had enough confidence. Thankfully, and due to my grandmothers, I have courage—and can handle a lot of rejection.
  5. Home means to me… where I am. I am a nomad, a traveler, and adventurer.
  6. I am inspired by… learning new things, meeting new people, traveling to new places. The world and the people who inhabit it are endlessly fascinating and inspiring.
  7. I would like to meet… my grandchildren. Would someone please mention this to my son and daughter-in-law. Not pushing… but, I’m getting older here.
  8. My worst character trait… I get bored in a nanosecond. Off to the next adventure… My brain needs endless stimulation.
  9. My best character trait… I love people, in all their shapes, sizes, beliefs, colors, etc.
  10. The best advice I was given… My ex-husband once told me, “Don’t believe your worst press and don’t believe your best press. The truth is somewhere in the middle.” Applies pretty well to stories and to life.

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23 thoughts on “10 Statements – Deborah Coonts

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  2. I like No. 10 “Don’t believe your worst press and don’t believe your best press. The truth is somewhere in the middle.” We sometimes forget that the gray between the black and white are still worthy.

    • The grey zone between black and white is of major importance. There are team sports where the best and worst results are not part of the evaluation. It certainly leads to a more reliable result, omitting the very best and the worst rating.

    • Ah yes, often the truth lies in the middle somewhere. As an author, I strive to keep enough of the middle happy that I get to keep writing stories. Harder than it sounds, sometimes:)

  3. Interesting thing about confidence and courage. They’re typically used interchangeably. Never really thought how one could be low on confidence, but courage helps them get through rejection. Something for me to think about. Great post.

    • I guess that many start with a lower confidence level; confidence needs to be built, strengthened over time. I can relate to Deborah’s combination of confidence and courage, Charles. This possibly makes me appreciate my achievements even more.

      • I’ll admit that my confidence takes random nosedives. Think it happens on the days where I’m tired and don’t have the mental reflexes to respond to a obstacle. One of those ‘I’m going down! Speak nicely about me at the funeral!’ spazz moments seems to happen once a month.

      • We are all humans, Charles. We might as well be robots, without our ups and downs. I know the ‘Why did I get up in the first place?!’ feeling all too well.
        Some need to work harder for their confidence levels than others.

      • One of these days I’ll answer that question by going back to bed. 🙂 I think an added difficulty with maintaining confidence is that we tend to have those around us who chip away at it. Many are unintentional because they work of the belief that they’re helping you see the whole picture. It’s amazing how many stumbling blocks one can find in a single day. Suddenly have this urge to play Frogger.

      • This is something near and dear to me–the idea that it doesn’t take confidence to have courage–it simply takes will. Many things in my life that I tackled scared me big time: becoming a mother, flying a plane, write a book for OTHER people to read, moving across the country, going to law school…you get my drift. I accomplished them because of a whole lot of luck but also because I simply had the will to keep working hard, keep pushing. That’s what I want for everybody.

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