Mary Shelley, Queen of the Gothic Thriller (WIHM)

Dear readers, today’s reblog is a real gem:
Paula Cappa on Mary Shelley

Paula Cappa

The Last Man  by Mary Shelley   Women In Horror Month (WIHM)

Tuesday’s Tale of Terror  February 9, 2016


Mary Shelley is the first name that comes to mind when we think of women who write horror and Gothic fiction. Did you know that when her husband Percy Bysshe Shelley was cremated, his heart would not burn? Some say it was because of a health condition; others say it was because of Mary’s deep love for him. Percy’s friend Edward Trelawny snatched it from the cremation fires. Legend has it that Mary kept the dried up remains in her desk. I wrote about this in my short story Beyond Castle Frankenstein, a historical ghost story.

 And while I’m fascinated by Mary Shelley as a writer and her fictional worlds, I am also still discovering her work, and this week honoring her for Woman In Horror Month. You can read three…

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11 thoughts on “Mary Shelley, Queen of the Gothic Thriller (WIHM)

    • I guess it always depends on the reason why you read a book. We had to read lots of classics in class, luckily I had read some of them previously – they were more to my liking than those I was obliged to read then for the first time…

  1. I just saw this book out Requim for the Author of Frankenstein by Molly Dwyer. I haven’t read it yet but it is her life story in London and Italy, during that Romantic Era of Lord Byron.

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