March 2016 – Irish Impressions, #1

As usual, this year’s birthday trip was meant to recharge. Even if not everything went as planned, we covered most of what we had in mind before this journey. One of our highlights would have been the Rock of Cashel; Elfe’s accident on our way up changed our schedule: An ambulance took us to the hospital in Carmel – with Wolfgang in hot pursuit in our rental car. Thankfully, Elfe could be released a few hours later, with four metal clips keeping her head wound in check and her promise to be careful. Our special thanks go to the two German students from Heidelberg who went to our aid, the ambulance team and the hospital staff in Carmel. As promised by the doctors at the hospital, the metal clips can be removed next week.

This first blog post comprises snapshots from our journey – sometimes from within the moving car.

Athlone (March 4, 2016):


Athlone by night, Shannon


Athlone, Sean’s Bar – rear entrance

Cruising the Athlone neighbourhood (March 5, 2016):

St. Katherine's

St. Katherine’s

Having a coffee...

Tullamore, TESCO: Having a coffee…

ESPRESSO yourself.  So MANY BLENDS, so little time
Better LATTE than never.  TAKE LIFE one CUP at a TIME
FRIENDS  don’t  LET  FRIENDS  drink  bad  COFFEE
Déjà Brew: THE FEELING you’ve had THIS COFFEE before
COFFEE is a PLEASURE.  Good friends are a TREASURE
You  are  TEA-RIFFICCOFFEE  is  A  HUG  in  A  MUG
The only thing BETTER than talking about FOOD is eating it
COFFEE doesn’t ASK silly questions, COFFEE understands
THANKS  A  LATTE.  Take  TIME  to  smell  the  COFFEE

Weather – 20 minutes somewhere between Tullamore and Clonmacnoise (March 5, 2016):


Somewhere between the Cliffs of Moher and Galway (March 6, 2016)


Athlone (March 6, 2016):


From Athlone to Cashel (& Carmel) and back (March 7, 2016):


Brief visit to Skerries (March 8, 2016):


Nearly there…


The Skerries Mills parking lot


The Skerries Mills Café


Further blog posts will cover:

  • Clonmacnoise
  • The Kilbeggan Distillery Experience
  • Cliffs of Moher
  • Belvedere – House, Gardens & Park



32 thoughts on “March 2016 – Irish Impressions, #1

  1. Skerries Mills Cafe! My old haunt! How strange to see it here on your blog. Beautiful Ireland! You packed a lot in. So sorry about your poor friends head… what happened to her, poor thing.

    • You will always find it on my blog, Ali. This blog’s background is Skerries, we always return there, even if only for a quick coffee.
      Elfe has recovered, the clips were removed yesterday morning. If she is still in the mood for travelling next year – we will show her Cashel and much more. 🙂

  2. Karen, your trip photographs were fantastic! You saw so much and packed a wide variety of experiences into this. Thank you for sharing Irish adventures! 😀

      • I really enjoyed the night time photos. Something mysterious about a foreign city at night, Karen.
        If you celebrate hope you have a wonderful Easter! ~***~ Robin

      • Thank you very much for your kind feedback, Robin. I like taking nocturnal shots, they often turn out to be pretty inspiring.
        Happy Easter! 🙂

    • Thank you very much, David. Inwardly it took me a few days to get over this event. And these clips… I knew them from paper stacks; seeing them in someone’s head was spooky at first.

    • Thank you very much. Ireland is far from dull, there are festivals, traditions, innovation, etc.
      I visited your blog; your blog post about Boston made me smile. We were welcomed by ‘Triton’ in 2013. 😉

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