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Kristina Rienzi


Born and raised in New Jersey, Kristina Rienzi writes dark and gritty suspense thrillers set on the East Coast. Kristina’s background in psychology is prevalent in her stories, with her characters ever pushing the boundaries of the human experience. Her début novel, Choosing Evil hit the Amazon’s bestseller list in horror/occult. Since then, she’s written Luring Shadows, Twisted, Winter Road and is awaiting her publisher’s release of Breaking Evil, the sequel to Choosing Evil.

When she’s not writing, you’ll find Kristina painting, relaxing on the beach, watching terrifying television, rooting for her West Virginia Mountaineers or spending time with her loved ones, wine in hand. She currently lives at the Jersey Shore with her husband, two dogs and a cat, and is working on her fifth novel.


Find me…

www.KristinaRienzi.com  –  Website/Blog

www.facebook.com/KristinaRienziAuthor  –  Facebook Page

www.twitter.com/KristinaRienzi  –  Twitter

http://bit.ly/RienziAmazon  –  Amazon Author Page


My personal motto:

Trust your gut.


10 statements
  1. A typical work day begins with… bringing my pups, Lola (Shih-Tzu) & Kona (Pekingese) ‘to work’ with me, which pretty much means they go across the hallway to sleep, get treats and watch Netflix all day.
  2. I lose track of time when I’m writing.
  3. I have always… put responsibilities before fun.
  4. I have never… been a risk taker.
  5. Home means to me… a place where anything goes.
  6. I am inspired by… kindness.
  7. I would like to meet…  Stephen King. He’s brilliant and terrifying, two traits I admire in an author.
  8. My worst character trait… I’m a workaholic with unrealistic expectations of myself, ones I’ll never meet.
  9. My best character trait… my passion.
  10. The best advice I was given… “Take time to stop and smell the roses because life’s too short.”


Winter Road by Kristina Rienzi

On the heels of a bad breakup, Amelia Montgomery heads home for the holidays. Her hometown is a far cry from the metropolis where she lives now, but not nearly far enough away from Jake Grayson.

Amelia’s family festivities turn terrifying when a distraught Jake shows up uninvited on the Montgomery’s doorstep. Jake will not stop until he possesses Amelia; one way or another, she will be his.

In a chilling nightmare, one man’s obsession is so evil, it’s deadly. Amelia must fight for her life, and the lives of those she loves most, in the only place she’s ever called home…WINTER ROAD.

Buy link for Winter Road:  http://bit.ly/WinterRoad
Release date:  December 21, 2015



27 thoughts on “10 Statements – Kristina Rienzi

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  2. I too like the quote “trust your gut.” In this business of writing and book promotion, it really is important to know your individual path to authenticity.

  3. I’m very much into “Trust your gut.” After reading Blink, I’m even more so.

    Stories about obsessive characters really hook my attention. And I think I’m fairly normal.

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