2016-03-22: Egers Calling

March 22, 2016 saw us once again following Matthias “Egers” Egersdörfer’s call.




Matthias Egersdörfer is a Franconian comedian, also member of the band “Fast zu Fürth”. In the German crime series “Tatort” (the Franconian part of the series) he is the forensic pathologist. His performance was awesome, the episode per se a little boring. We all hope that the upcoming episode (early 2016) will show him more.


The show “Egers Calling” comprises Egers, his co-host Carmen, the ‘houseband’ “Kapelle Rohrfrei” and three guests. The guests perform 3-4 pieces, then are summoned to the sofas. Egers and Carmen have some nice and some uncomfortable questions for their guests.

“Kapelle Rohrfrei” played some fast tunes – certainly a wake-up call for the audience to brace themselves for Egers.



“Kapelle Rohrfrei” (Stefan Gessler – trumpet, vocals; Christoph Lambertz – clarinet, saxophone, bagpipes, vocals; David Saam – accordion, vocals; Katja Lachmann – tuba, double bass, transverse flute, vocals) plays the ‘calling’ and ‘goodbye’ tunes. (dear readers: please imagine a repetition as required)


This time, Wolfgang Pessler, playing the bassoon at the “Nürnberger Philharmonie” was the first guest on stage. He played pieces by local composers; the first one his usual introduction to an instrument you rarely hear solo, the second – a really funny one – involving Matthias Egersdoerfer and his co-host Carmen.

When he is not playing with the orchestra, he often visits kindergartens (preschool) to introduce the little ones to music and the impressive abilities of a bassoon; he and other musicians can be booked accordingly.


The second guests on stage were “Egschiglen”, a Mongolian band. More than twenty years ago, Egschiglen set the focus of their artistic work on contemporary music. They use traditional instruments from Mongolia and Central Asian vocal techniques.
The musicians are also balancing between diverse cultures: in the course of the years, Egschiglen participated in a number of cooperation projects with musicians from various cultural areas. They live in the greater Nuremberg region, their adopted home is Franconia: they show their love by rearranging traditional song material from the Altmuehl valley as a Mongolian khoomei (throat singing, overtone singing)/morin khuur crossover. They understand Franconian better than I do.  🙂


These musicians were playing for us yesterday evening:


“#2raumsilke” – 10 young musicians rocked the house; a great combination of orchestra, rap, rock (within the same song!). They’ve got the groove, I hear people saying and – I couldn’t agree more. It was their 5th gig, I’ll post more about them at a later date.

You can certainly imagine that we had a great time.  😀

You know me good enough – see what I bought:


(The Bavarian/Franconian title is the bonus track on the blue CD.)



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