Poll: Do you read only…?

Dear readers,

You might already know that I started planning publication of my flash fiction series. As flash fiction series are still rather unusual, I am going to write a brief introduction between the acknowledgements and the story. This introduction to my flash fiction series will explain how I got the idea, the given word count per ‘chapter’, etc. It is important to explain the FFS concept, right? πŸ“— I highly appreciate your votes and comments.Β  πŸ™‚






16 thoughts on “Poll: Do you read only…?

  1. Interesting that the table of contents is the highest part skipped (I didn’t vote for that one). Anyway….. You’re after my own heart as I’ve been thinking of compiling my flash fiction stories into a book at some point as well. But you’re ready to do it now and I wish you all the success. It will be interesting to see how it’s received based on there not being that many ff compilations out there (it is strange how it’s not more popular). Anyhow,….. I can’t wait for your post saying ‘It’s Published!’ I look forward to it very much! 😊

    • It depends on the book if I skip the table of contents.
      The flash fiction series was a coincidence. I added a follow up for the first episode, added another and was hooked – so were my readers.
      Thanks for the good wishes, Victoria. It will certainly be interesting how readers react to the book format.
      I’ll keep you posted. Thanks again. πŸ™‚

  2. I always read cover to cover unless it’s something I’ve already read in another book by the same author.

  3. Good luck with your book, Karen. I love flash fiction. I generally don’t read any of the front and back matter, but I agree a short intro is probably appropriate since a book of flash fiction is a little different πŸ™‚

    • Thank you very much, Diana. πŸ™‚
      I intended to keep the intro short. Readers have the right to know that each chapter’s length is +/-150 words (in this case), and how I got the idea.

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