Snippet: The Dark Citadel

A wonderful occasion to grow our TBR pile. 🙂

Jane Dougherty Writes

In a high, airy room of the Parliament Building, looking down on the great square, a short man in military uniform paced angrily. Standing to attention, Principal Anastasias of the Providence Central Institute for Girls, almost two heads taller and infinitely more distinguished than his superior, might have been tempted to smile at the little man’s posturing, but he waited in respectful silence. The Lord High Protector certainly looked like a rosy-cheeked buffoon, but his small hog-like eyes glittered with malice.

“Of course, she must be punished like any other unruly child,” the Protector said, wheeling round smartly on his heels to face the principal. “But was it absolutely necessary to lock her in the House of Correction? Would a good whipping not have sufficed?”

The principal put his hands together in an ecclesiastical pose, and an expression of serene superiority settled on his hawk-like features. “The city is already…

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