3 Quotes – John Banville


John Banville, Irish novelist, playwright, screenwriter
(born: William John Banville; additional pen name: Benjamin Black)

December 8, 1945 in Wexford, Ireland

known for (among others):
Birchwood, The Book of Evidence, The Infinities; Quirke series

web site:  http://www.john-banville.com/

Amazon:  John Banville


Writers are just like other people, except slightly more obsessed.
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With the crime novels, it’s delightful to have protagonists I can revisit in book after book. It’s like having a fictitious family.
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When I started writing, I was a great rationalist and believed I was absolutely in control. But the older one gets, the more confused, and for an artist I think that is quite a good thing: you allow in more of your instinctual self; your dreams, fantasies and memories. It’s richer, in a way.


Which is your favourite quote by John Banville?  🙂

13 thoughts on “3 Quotes – John Banville

  1. #2, which I heartily believe and have seen in action. Recurring characters become like old slippers that give you comfort. I do like #3 and agree with #1 . . . and I adore his Quirke series!

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