Quote of the day – Danny Kaye




Danny Kaye, American, actor, singer, comedian, dancer, musician
(born David Daniel Kaminsky)

January 18, 1911 in Brooklyn, New York, USA

March 3, 1987 in Los Angeles, California, USA

website:  http://dannykaye.com/


To travel is to take a journey into yourself.


Which is your favourite quote by Danny Kaye?


17 thoughts on “Quote of the day – Danny Kaye

  1. You’ve printed the best quote of Danny Kaye’s! Perfect for this day which somehow has become a day of inner reflection for me; a day of clarity. Thanks.

      • I’m always amazed, like a child’s first brush with wonder and why. Some call it coincidence; I prefer the word “fate”. We are placed where we are needed or do that which we may not understand until afterwards by a supreme being or energy who knows all, sees all.It may be a small act that alines our spirits or a huge epiphany that reaches around the globe. All is necessary; all is inspiring.I always wonder why my steps take me to places or websites or to certain people at certain times that I never intended to do. I always find a gold nugget of truth, inspiration, or something to lift my spirits when life has thrown me a curve or I have a nugget to pass on to someone else.. We are much stronger together in sync rather than fighting those words, actions, or “coincidences” that call to us from near and far. I guess I’m feeling philosophical this a.m. Pardon my voice which is linked with something beyond myself–oceans and oceans broader than the speck of humanity which is me.

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