Word of the day: prioritise



Word Origin

verb (used with object), prioritized, prioritizing.
1. to arrange or do in order of priority :learning to prioritize our assignments.
2. to give a high priority to.
verb (used without object), prioritized, prioritizing.
3. to organize or deal with something according to its priority.

Also, especially British, prioritise.

Related forms

prioritization, noun
reprioritization, noun
reprioritize, verb (used with object), reprioritized, reprioritizing.


At the end of the day, it all comes down to commitment and prioritization.

Source:  dictionary.com


My question for you, dear friends and readers:

This word is not too difficult, its meaning is clear. Then why do so many adults have difficulties prioritising their tasks?

The first answer I came up with:  They all have a very different take on what is important and – what is not.  😦



5 thoughts on “Word of the day: prioritise

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    • Sure thing, Marian. The main issue is that everyone in the team has a different take on priorities; the team is not acting as one. 😦

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