The Henry Girls @ Loni-Uebler-Haus, Nuremberg, 2017-03-26 #TheHenryGirls

Markus knew it first. He contacted me right away, starting a chain reaction; more family and friends were interested in The Henry Girls concert in Nuremberg. Last autumn – as soon as tickets were available – Wolfgang bought 10 tickets. For all of us this meant months of impatience and anticipation.

Markus had booked a table at a Greek restaurant named Schöne Aussicht (= nice view) to chat about the concert, Ireland, travels to Ireland, etc. At 7 p.m. we squeezed into the two available cars, trying to be at Loni-Übler-Haus in time to get seats in adjoining rows. At the entrance, I showed my bunch of tickets and the girl behind the counter tried to count our happy bunch. Turning around my eyes fell on – Karen. We hugged and she told me that they had earlier discussed our possible attendance. 🙂

I asked if they were going to perform Dúlaman – one of my favourite songs (originally by Clannad). Karen told me that they hadn’t performed that one for months.

The concert started on time, briefly introduced by the organiser.

We listened to…

  1. December Moon
  2. Ol’ Cook Pot
  3. Sing My Sister Down
  4. Couldn’t Ask For More
  5. Falling in Love Again
  6. Don’t Call Me Honey
  7. Slow Down
  8. Rebel Girl
  9. Here Beside Me
  10. I’m Your Baby
  11. Dúlaman (Karen dedicated it – again – to Wolfgang and me) :mrgreen:
  12. The Light in the Window
  13. Happy Birthday, Joleen (with the audience)
  14. No More Maybes
  15. Far Beyond the Stars
  16. Ocean of War
  17. Practice What You Preach
  18. Please Forgive Me
  19. Watching the Detectives
  20. The Farmer’s Song (How Do You Know?) (with the audience)
  21. Satisfied Mind
  22. So Long but Not Goodbye
    >>>As a bonus, The Henry Girls performed these songs<<<
  23. Boogie Woogie Love
  24. If I Should Fall Behind
  25. Farewell


During the break, Wolfgang bought a CD for his brother, Wolfgang’s sister also bought a CD, my friend Ruth bought all three; it won’t come as a surprise that I bought the latest one, Far Beyond The Stars, as well.

When Karen announced Dúlaman right after the break, you could have heard a pin drop. It was perfect. During the song someone patted my shoulder: Ruth, smiling broadly, signalling two thumbs up. I probably told her way too often how much I love that song. This time, we did not have the opportunity to record Dúlaman. The following version is from one of the concerts in Fürth. (picture only)

Afterwards, it was time to say goodbye until – autumn 2017. You can guess who will be there…  :mrgreen:

Thank you for this unforgettable Sunday evening, dear Karen, Lorna, and Joleen McLaughlin! A special thank you to Joleen – sacrificing her birthday… I hope there was a huge celebration afterwards! Caro, Markus, Ruth, Evi, Ingrid, Gerhard, Elfe, Yúlika, Wolfgang, and I (Karen O.) enjoyed every minute. Until next time, my friends.

Dear friends and readers,

Whenever there is an opportunity for you to visit their concert – you won’t regret it. Karen, Lorna, and Joleen are awesome musicians and love to interact with the audience, including a personal chat.


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