12 thoughts on “Fun recommendations for coffee drinkers

    • ´This is actually quite a common recommendation, Christy. My grandmother used to add a pinch of salt in the coffee filter – to remove the bitterness; the coffee did not in the least taste salty…

  1. Another one is to use coffee grounds in plants. I never throw out any part of the coffee making. Keep leftover espresso in the fridge and add to warm milk, my daughter’s fav way to use her leftovers!

    • Recycling coffee grounds really benefits your plants, Lisa. Thumbs up for that.
      Your daughter’s fav way to use the leftovers is yummy!

  2. I don’t get the first one. Is there such thing as leftover coffee? I never heard of it. Hmmm…. It’s a concept that is very hard to wrap your head around, but I guess they’re telling me that people actually exist who don’t drink all of the coffee made, right? Wow, I guess there’s coffee made by people who aren’t -real- coffee drinkers 😉

    • I am glad that you do not know leftover coffee – left over by fake coffee drinkers, Trent. I seem to know too many of them. On the other hand…they do not even know how to properly brew coffee… 😀

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