2017-07 Ireland – Baltimore – slide show

Dear friends and readers,

please enjoy this year’s Baltimore impressions.



In brief:

Country – Ireland
Province – Munster
County – Cork

Population in 2011:  347
Density – 124/km2 (320/sq mi)

Baltimore (/ˈbæltɪmɔːr/; Irish: Dún na Séad “Fort of the Jewels”) is a village in western County Cork, Ireland. It is the main village in the parish of Rathmore and the Islands, the southernmost parish in Ireland. It is the main ferry port to Sherkin Island, Cape Clear Island and the eastern side of Roaring Water Bay and Carbery’s Hundred Isles.

In ancient times, Dunashad was considered a sanctuary for druids and the place name is associated with Bealtaine.

Baltimore was a seat of one of Ireland’s most ancient dynasties, the once mighty Corcu Loígde, former Kings of Tara and Kings of Munster.

Peace, coffee, and a cheesecake. ☘


3 thoughts on “2017-07 Ireland – Baltimore – slide show

  1. Yes Karen, to me it was a wonderful reminder. The Guinness, how could it not taste well with so wonderful people around. 😊 . Mind you, I struggled with lunch as Guinness is a meal in itself.
    You are not going to Skibbereen are you?…or Cork….
    🦋😉 miriam

  2. Karen, I did s double take. This one I know well, have visited and stayed many times.
    I have good friends there who invited me to join on boat tours.
    The big church at the top – where almost all went before coming down to the harbour and the pub. Had my first ever Guinness there.😊 .
    Thanks for the video as well

    • Miriam, this is wonderful! I am certain that you enjoyed your stay and – hopefully your first ever Guinness. 🙂
      You might even guess my next slide show…
      Thank you very much for your feedback.

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