Recommended Christmas read 2017: Kima by A. H. Amin #BookRecommendation @AA_psychs

Dear friends and readers,

this book recommendation is not your average Christmas read. On Christmas Eve of 1928, a herd of false killer whales are found beached on the South African shore. And on that day, two young children meet Kima, an old woman who tells them a story. It is not a long book, its 140 pages are filled with captivating plot lines that make for a wonderful reading journey; reading this book means time well spent.

If you enjoy folk and mystery tales, heart-warming characters, as well as stories providing food for thought – this is definitely a book for you.

The plot:

Christmas Eve 1928 gave birth to a yearly phenomenon in South Africa. A herd of false killer whales were found beached upon the shore. It has also given birth to the story of two young children who meet an old woman named Kima. Kima somehow knows why this has happened, but that’s not all she knows. The children, Alex and Alice, realize that there is more to this woman than what meets the eye, and ear. She will reveal to them a tale, a mysterious story she claims was passed on to her by a mythical Black Seagull.

Derived from both historic tales and figures, Kima is a fictional character portrayed in a way that makes her become real.

My teaser:

She gazed at the small child and she saw her feelings through the little girl’s gestures; it was the same way she had felt when she had looked at the birds earlier that day. Alice met the same eyes that were inspecting her. Noticing the odd way the old woman was looking at her, she stopped biting her nails.

‘It’s not your fault child’ the old woman said.

‘Don’t worry, Kima can tell.’

My review:  Kima by A. H. Amin

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Peace, dear friends and readers. I hope you enjoy this wonderful book as much as I did (and still do).  🍀


11 thoughts on “Recommended Christmas read 2017: Kima by A. H. Amin #BookRecommendation @AA_psychs

    • This book is not one of my usual genres, therefore I am grateful I could read it. I like the combination of the plot lines and – I love that it offers food for thought. You will certainly like it as well, Miriam.

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