The Room #humanity #hope

Picture “The Room” by Valentina, 12

The room is located in the cellar of a church, originally meant to be an archive. Old printed lyrics, hymn books, and documents are scattered in a rack by the wall. The two windows are small, let only a hint of light into the room. The floor is covered with an old green carpet which protects little from the cold; during summer maybe pleasant, in winter a source of distress. The whole room smells of mould and wet carpet.

Despite all this darkness – there is this warmth; the warmth and the hope of the people living therein. And also the warmth of those who support them, be it by grocery shopping, teaching German, or simply by stopping by for a get-together with tea and nuts. The endearing lady, who picks up the laundry every week, returning it freshly washed and ironed, presents a bouquet of flowers for cheering up. It is the hope for a better life after a long and very painful escape, grief, fear, and loss of friends and family, the fear of the unknown exile. It is difficult to learn the language, however all this is better than the previous circumstances.

The days are long as without the possibility to leave the church premises, there is not much to do. Between reading text books on the German language and practising German grammar, there is room for thought, bearing in mind the uncertainty of one’s future. Will the process have a positive ending? Will one be allowed to stay in Germany? Or will one be sent back like an unwanted parcel?

All these fears cannot be banned, however, due to cooperation and mutual support there is the rising hope for a better world. This cohesion, support, and voluntary help make us human; human beings who are caring and help. In this world full of rush, rivalry, and egomania they are like sun-rays finding their way through the greyish clouds to shed their light.

Author:  Yúlika O.

Translated by:  Karen @ My train of thoughts on…

Dear friends and readers,

You can imagine that thousands of texts have crossed my desk since I became a professional translator and technical author. This text is the one that touched me the most. As a translator you have to follow some rules; rules like to never ever change the original text’s style. In this case you were just reading the thoughts of a young woman who does her utmost to make this world a brighter place.

I was amazing to see the room through the eyes of another visitor – a hopeful twelve-year-old girl.

Here’s to peace, and hope.  🍀



14 thoughts on “The Room #humanity #hope

  1. Thank you, Julika, for the very nice text and Karen, for the translation. It´s very impressive especially for those people who are taking care for the two young people which are living in this room since more than eight months.
    Best Regards

    • Thank you very much for reading and commenting, Heinz.
      I admire what you all are doing to help them. Here’s to more compassion in this world.

      Best regards,

  2. Karen, this is so beautiful. The drawing by the young girl and the warm and hopeful writing
    by an immigrant. Living in hope and believing in a better world. Yes, we have to believe in humans acting in accordance with our inherent light.

    • Thank you very much, Miriam. The picture shows the room as it is, perhaps a little more colourful, I was told. The text was written by a young woman who – with some others – cares for some refugees who are not allowed to leave the church premises.
      I hope that this couple will be allowed to stay, that the decision-makers see two real persons instead of some anonymous unwanted strangers.

    • Thank you, Craig. It was written by an amazing woman with exemplary compassion for those in need.
      Being a translator and technical author is beneficial for my job as project manager in international teams. These and some other areas of expertise are also a good basis for my writing

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