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Beaufield Berry-Fisher is a playwright, blogger, journalist, novelist and theater enthusiast. Inspired by empathy, true stories, history, burlesque and rebellion Beaufield’s work strives to connect on a human level and always questions the status quo. Her work has been produced across the country and she’s a veteran of the Philadelphia Spark Fest, Great Plains Theater Conference, KC New Works festival and the William Inge Festival. Beaufield was a recipient of the 2017 IAF from the Nebraska Arts Council. Beau often writes for American Theater Magazine, collecting stories across the Midwest’s growing theater scene and her début novel, Childhood Friends, was published in January with ABO.

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My personal motto:

“Take it easy, but take it.”


10 statements
  1. A typical (work) day begins with… lots of procrastination, a toddler hug and then COFFEE.
  2. I lose track of time ugh, either perusing Facebook, which is my worst habit or watching Real Housewives…which isn’t that great either.
  3. I have always… an excuse to drink wine.
  4. I have never… let ‘no’ be the final answer where it really counts.
  5. Home means to me… a place I can take pants off and wear questionable hairstyles and I’m not obligated to do anything.
  6. I am inspired by… truth-tellers, radical empathy and knowing when to say F off. Both in the real world and in the story world (and really they’re the same thing) When I can feel someone is being raw and authentic, stripped down to their core, I respond to that. I search that out in people and experiences and I think I’m good at telling the difference. Too often we put on façades or keep our walls up high in self-defense. I am inspired by those who tear those down.
  7. I would like to meet… OPRAH. Is that cliché? Because she’s it for me.
  8. My worst character trait… I can be a bit on my high-horse…but I don’t mind the view from up here.
  9. My best character trait… I love making people feel comfortable around me and I am exceedingly loyal…until crossed!
  10. The best advice I was given… the best advice we were ALL given, I feel comes from Maya Angelou…when someone shows you who they are, believe them. I think this bodes well for making the best decisions in life–learning to walk away from a bad deal, a bad relationship, a bad friendship. And followed by the simple and timeless; Stay Humble. I always lead with confidence, I let people know that I can’t be walked all over. But I always remember to stay gracious to those who share their time with you, to always be grateful and to always keep striving for your personal best. I think that encompasses the heart of humility and it’s very important as a writer to have that. Because one day you’re up…the next day, who knows?

Childhood Friends

When 30-something Jorah lands back in her hometown of Omaha, it’s raining outside. Her hoarder mother has redecorated her childhood bedroom like it’s 1998, she’s avoiding her best friend’s calls and living with a secret.

Driven by the need to reconcile her past life with her current one, Jorah reconnects with her friends from childhood. Shepherd, a movie-ticketer-turned-felon and Stassi, a frenemy with ulterior motives and a smile. Through their interactions, Jorah learns some things never change and others are irrevocably torn. Sometimes the only thing friends have in common is shared history.

Packed with wild prose, stunning visuals, and surprising twists, Childhood Friends is an incredible look into the power of friendships, the call of humility, and how the journey of life always leads back home.

Print length:  272 pages

Published:  2017-02-13

Buy link:  books2read.com/u/4N1nzz

Paperback:  https://www.amazon.com/Childhood-Friends-Beaufield-Berry/dp/0998596205/



The Gift: Betrayal (The Gift Legacy, Awakening Redux (“#20”)) by J.P. McLean

The author sent me an ARC of this book (epub format) in exchange for an honest review.

My rating:  ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

(by Goodreads)

Vengeance for the Forsaken …

What would you do if your wife left you for your worst enemy, and then proceeded to empty your bank account? When Jackson Delaney learns that his wife betrayed him for his half-brother, nothing less than revenge will quench the fire in his soul.

But first he has to find them.

Jackson joins forces with an unlikely partner—his wife’s brother. They put aside their warring motives, and dive headlong into a search that will test their characters and break the laws of two worlds. And when Jackson meets Emelynn Taylor, a mysterious young woman with no knowledge of her arcane and powerful gift, he recklessly lures her into his vengeful mission.

But nothing is what it seems, and from a single deception grows a web of strangling lies.

Betrayal careens on a high-speed chase, from the gentile character of New Orleans to the rugged beauty of the North American west coast.

Genre(s): Mystery, Thriller & Suspense > Thrillers & Suspense > Supernatural > Ghosts
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense > Suspense > Paranormal
Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Paranormal & Urban
Series: The Gift Legacy, Awakening Redux (“#20”)
Length: 321 pages
Release date: 2016-11-15


She clamped her mouth shut, and took a moment. When she spoke, her voice was tight, controlled. “Your behaviour sickens me.”

Her words hit like shrapnel. “I could say the same. Have you no loyalty to me, to my father?”

“What your father did to Cole was disgraceful. And you … I can’t even look at you right now.” She turned and stormed from the salon, leaving my ears ringing in her wake.

My Opinion

This book reunites the readers with Jackson Delaney – and how he met Emelynn Taylor.

With The Gift: Betrayal, J. P. McLean has once again created a thrilling combination of mystery, paranormal, urban fantasy, and a touch of romance with steamy situations. She expertly shows us Jackson Delaney’s point of view; understandably different from Emelynn’s take on the situations in The Gift: Awakening. It is a compelling read centred on Jackson, drawing you closer to him. J. P. McLean paints a clear picture of the main characters’ mindsets while the story evolves. In this Awakening Redux story, I was drawn into the story once again, getting to understand why Jackson did what he did, even if I still do not consent to all of his actions. The characters are of sufficient depth, believable with their flaws and virtues. The story is a very nicely woven combination of several genres, has a wonderful flow; it was easy to get hooked. I had a great time reading The Gift: Betrayal.

This is a book for you if you like mysteries or paranormal romance with a very urban touch and believable characters, some strewn in steamy situations, and some violent events.

The stunning Awakening Redux book in The Gift Legacy series!

Highly recommended!

In brief:

Cover ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Writing ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Plot ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Characters ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Mood Suspenseful
Pace Steady
POV First person – past tense
Language :mrgreen:
Violence 😳 – 😡
Sexual content 😳 – 😡


About the author

I’m very fortunate to live in a writer’s paradise on one of the small northern Gulf Islands off the eastern shore of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The rugged beaches and towering fir and arbutus trees that surround me often end up in my stories. When I’m not pouring my imagination into my computer, I’m futzing in gardens, making a mess of the kitchen or romping with my Wheaten-cross, Molly. I write stories that entice you to believe the impossible and escape the everyday for a while. Enjoy the read!

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Please take a look at my statement on reading in My train of thoughts on …reading.  Now I am asking you.  🙂

My questions for you bibliophiles:
What about you?  What did you think about The Gift: Betrayal?  Or – if you did not yet read The Gift: Betrayal – are you now interested in reading it yourself?

I am looking forward to reading your comments.  🙂

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10 Statements – J. P. McLean




10 Statements – Leonora Meriel

Leonora Meriel grew up in London and studied literature at the University of Edinburgh and Queen’s University, Ontario. She worked at the United Nations in New York, and then for a law firm.

In 2003 she moved to Kyiv, where she founded and managed Ukraine’s largest Internet company. She studied at Kyiv Mohyla Business School and earned an MBA. During her years in Ukraine, she learned to speak Ukrainian and Russian, witnessed two revolutions and got to know an extraordinary country at a key period of its development.

In 2008, she returned to her dream of being a writer, and completed The Woman Behind the Waterfall, set in a village in western Ukraine. Her second book The Unity Game will be released in May 2017.

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Goodreads:  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/32172075

Amazon US author page:  Leonora Meriel

Amazon UK author page:  Leonora Meriel

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/leonoramerielwriter

Twitter – @leonora_meriel:  https://twitter.com/leonora_meriel

Website:  http://www.leonorameriel.com


My personal motto:

“Life is a journey.”


10 statements
  1. A typical (work) day begins with… meditation, candles and a clear list for the day.
  2. I lose track of time when I am writing, writing, writing and being used as a channel to create someone else’s world.
  3. I have always… wanted to do far more than was physically possible, ideally, living about 20 different lives in the space of this one.
  4. I have never… not felt passionate about the many things I am creating and doing and building.
  5. Home means to me… a place with flowers and candles and people I love the most.
  6. I am inspired by… people who genuinely use their imagination – who create things I could not possibly have ever thought of – in writing, in painting, in architecture, in actions, in clothes – anywhere!
  7. I would like to meet… some of my favourite writers: David Mitchell, Michael Cunningham, Haruki Murakami, Hilary Mantel.
  8. My worst character trait… a refusal to accept physical limitations (leads to burnout and sleep deprivation).
  9. My best character trait… I have a big, loving heart and I’m passionately loyal to the people I love.
  10. The best advice I was given… everything is possible if you combine belief, thought and action!

The Woman Behind the Waterfall

Heartbreak and transformation in the beauty of a Ukrainian village

For seven-year old Angela, happiness is exploring the lush countryside around her home in western Ukraine. Her wild imagination takes her into birds and flowers, and into the waters of the river.

All that changes when, one morning, she sees her mother crying. As she tries to find out why, she is drawn on an extraordinary journey into the secrets of her family, and her mother’s fateful choices.

Can Angela lead her mother back to happiness before her innocence is destroyed by the shadows of a dark past?

Beautiful, poetic and richly sensory, this is a tale that will haunt and lift its readers.

Buy link:  books2read.com/u/4Agyyp



FREE Today: The Good Dictator I: The Birth of an Empire by Goncalo J. Nunes Dias #free


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FREE today: 
The Good Dictator I – The Rise of an Empire

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Code: DX34C


Synopsis (by Amazon)

An unidentified object parked on the moon – and no one seems to know where it came from. Gustavo, a middle-aged computer programmer with a comfortable and grey life, decides to make a list of what he would need to survive a hypothetical attack. He becomes obsessed with the list, spends a fortune, robs a drugstore: his own family thinks he is going insane. However, after the attack, it’s the insane who are well prepared for a new era in society. First book of a trilogy.

Genre(s): Literature & Fiction > Action & Adventure > War & Military
Series: The Good Dictator, #1
Length: 257 pages
Release date: 2016-11-25


– I’ll ask you something and you may not decline. – Said Rute with a seductive look.
– Tell me.
– Today, you will have to have dinner with me as a way to repay you for all of your work.
Gustavo gave a little laugh and placed his right hand on Rute’s left arm.
– You don’t have to repay me; I did it because I like your company.
– I won’t accept a no, please.
At that moment, Gustavo felt like kissing her thin lips, but he thought that perhaps he was misreading her signs and feared being rejected.
– I accept the invitation, then. But first, I will go home, take a shower, change, and bring some wine to water the food.
– Perfect. – Rute answered with a pleasant smile.

While he dressed up for dinner, Gustavo found himself a little nervous, he liked Rute and felt attracted to her, but he wonder if she felt the same way and it everything seemed so fast and recent that it was best to just have a single peaceful, relaxed night, in good company, and not to try any foolishness. He left home very elegant, with two bottles of red wine and with his hands sweating in anxiety.

When he arrived, Rute was already dressed with one of Marta’s beautiful dresses, which was somewhat weird for Gustavo. She was still cooking dinner, and they had an exciting talk which lasted the entire dinner, always watered with red wine, which soon made Rute a little tipsy, since she had not drunk for a long time. They talked about the past and their previous relationships. Rute confessed that she missed her two daughters and her father a lot, but she did not mention her grandson, because she did not want to give the image of being grandmother, she didn’t even mentioned having missed her husband, because she actually did not feel that way. Gustavo talked about the list, his obsession with the attack, his idiotic parents-in-law, how they had gotten hold of power and the complicated political situation in which he was involved. He did not know whether or not he should kiss her, if he should make a move, if he was mistaking things; Rute on the other hand, felt like kissing him, but she was afraid he took her as an old woman, that the nine year difference would be too much for him. A little after finishing dinner, there was an uncomfortable silence; Gustavo did not know what to say, nor what subject to bring up, he thought silence was a signal it was time to depart, besides, tomorrow he would have to wake up early for the agricultural tasks. He got up, and when he was ready to speak, Rute got up with him and caught his hand softly; she thought of saying something to keep him from going, but she simply looked at Gustavo’s blue eyes; he was filled with courage and approached Rute’s face and lips slowly. After the first kiss, many others came and their hands ran across both of their bodies with more and more intensity; they got into the small bedroom without stopping their kisses as they took off their clothes as they took off their clothes in a clumsy manner and ended up naked on the old bed that Gustavo had brought a few hours ago.


About the author

Gonçalo JN Dias was born in Lisbon in 1977, and graduated in Environmental Engineering and Natural Resources of the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco. He lives today in the Basque Country, Spain.

The Good Dictator I, was his first novel. It became the most downloaded book in Portuguese last April, on amazon, and it has now a good English translation.

Before writing the second part of the Good Dictator, he’s now writing a crime fiction

Besides writing it is a fan of birdwatching, cork trees, movies and running.

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Website:  http://gjnd-books.blogspot.com/
Smashwords:  https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/goncalojnunesdias
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/GoncaloJNDias