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Dear friends and readers,
Enjoy Frances Evesham’s fourth story in the Exham on Sea series!

Frances Evesham Mystery Writer

Murder at the Cathedral


The respectable ladies of the Knitters’ Guild plan a surprise for the cathedral city. The surprise isn’t meant to include murder…

Besides, the last thing Libby Forest needs is another murder inquiry. She’s already struggling with the demands of her cake and chocolate business and trying to understand Mandy the Goth’s strange behaviour. Max urges her to make a difficult decision and Bear, the enormous sheepdog, causes havoc in the gentle surroundings of the beautiful, tiny cathedral city.

Libby vows to resist the temptation to investigate a sudden death in the cathedral, until her friend Angela falls under suspicion…


Love murder mysteries, cosy crime, dogs, crafts and chocolate? You’ll enjoy this instalment in a fun series of mysteries, set in a small English seaside town in Somerset, full of quirky charm and eccentric inhabitants, with a female protagonist torn between her independence and a…

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Write by the Beach – an inspiring writing conference in Brighton April 2017

Write by the Beach – an inspiring writing conference in Brighton April 2017

“Write by the Beach” – writing conference in Brighton – April 2017


Bigger, better with TWO DAYS OF EXPERT WORKSHOPS plus a GUARANTEED ONE-TO-ONE with one of 15 brilliant agents and publishers,  Write by the Beach is back.

angel-house-hoveOrganised by the Beach Hut Writing Academy – in the gorgeous Angel House, right by Brighton beach –  this conference gives you inspiration, ideas, publishing know-how and the chance to network with industry professionals. Oh, and delicious food! Whether you write novels, radio drama, short stories or TV scripts, there’s something for you.

“Professional and passionate. Makes me want to go home and finish that novel.”  C.B. Write by the Beach 2016

Full disclousure, I’m chair of Beach Hut Writing Academy (very much a titular position I can assure you. I think I was last one out of the room) and will be running a workshop on memoir and life writing. So, you may think I’m slightly biased. Not a bit of it! Last…

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10 Questions a Writer Might Get Asked At Christmas Family Gatherings #MondayBlogs #AmWriting

10 Questions a Writer Might Get Asked At Christmas Family Gatherings #MondayBlogs #AmWriting

Dear readers,

You will certainly enjoy Lucy Mitchell’s blog post as much as I do.  :mrgreen:



Here are 10 questions a writer might get asked at Christmas Family gatherings:

  1. Are you still writing that book? Emphasis will be placed upon the word ‘still’ and you will either attempt to explain the amount of time it takes to write a book or you will simply nod (or grimace – depending on your project).
  2. When can weread your book? Emphasis will be placed upon the word ‘we’ and in your head you will picture the faces of all your relatives wading through your work. You might even shiver at the thought of some of them diving into the naughty scene at the end. You will change the subject by quickly commenting on the mild weather for December.
  3. I have always dreamed of writing a book – is it hard? You will smile, look away and mutter something about how the word ‘hard’ doesn’t come close to describing…

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50 Questions: Everything you ever wanted to know about me, but didn’t care enough to ask.

Dear readers,

Here is a fab opportunity to learn more about author Steve Boseley!

Steve Boseley

horror story 50 questions

Something different today.  I recently read a post from Colour Me Clueless, which was 50 random questions about them.  It made for an interesting read (and you can read that post HERE) and the post challenges you to do similar.  So, here are 50 questions that I hope will help you get to know me better.  Enjoy:

How old are you?   45 in 2016.

Married?   Yes. I’m very lucky to have an amazing wife.

How many children do you have and their ages?   Two children, boy 12, girl 17.

Favourite child?   Come on. Why would you ask me that?

Where do you live?   Nottingham, UK.

Morning or night person?    Neither.  I’m getting old.  If pressed, I’d say morning.

Sweet or salty?   Sweet.

Ninjas or pirates?   Pirates are way cooler than ninjas. Everyone knows that.

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