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The Anatomy of a Rebrand

Often times, the writing we’re closest to is the most difficult to see. It’s why writers need beta readers, editors and proof-readers.

When The Gift Legacy books originally came out, the titles and covers were reflective of the content. Many readers agreed and provided the positive reinforcement I looked for.

But right from the start, beneath all the cover-love, there were rumblings that I studiously ignored. I filed the nay-saying in the “not everyone would like my books” drawer. But as the books found a wider audience, the rumbling grew louder.

About eighteen months ago, I finally stopped and listened. And what I heard was Awakening, Revelation, Redemption and Penance sounded more like they belonged in the religion/spiritual writing genre than in the fantasy/thriller genre. The critics were right and the beautiful covers compounded the perception. In hindsight, it seems quite obvious.

A title and its book cover have a job to do and mine weren’t doing the heaving lifting they needed to do to attract the fantasy and thriller readers.

I’d just finished writing the fifth book in The Gift Legacy series and needed to make a decision to continue along the path I’d chosen, or make a change.

I went with change and made the difficult decision to rebrand the books with new titles and new covers. It meant holding off on publishing that fifth book while I wrote the sixth and final book in the series. It meant I could lose all of the wonderful reviews that I collected on Amazon. Reviews are an author’s lifeblood, so I didn’t make the rebranding decision lightly.

Thankfully, I’ve had the support of family and fellow authors. My good friend and author, Elinor Florence, was instrumental in helping me brainstorm new titles, and then my online blog family and social media connections helped tease out the best of them. And back in July, the design team at JD&J Designs began the process of designing new covers.

The first book in the series has is launching November 13, and I couldn’t be prouder of the final result. I hope you’ll agree. Awakening is now Secret Sky.

An intrepid young woman. An incredible gift. A terrible price to pay.

As a child, Emelynn Taylor accepted a stranger’s gift that changed her life forever. This gift wasn’t wrapped in pretty paper and tied with a bow, nor could it ever be returned. Now, it’s taken over her life. Striking without warning, it strips Emelynn of gravity and sends her airborne, unchecked.

Haunted by terrifying flights she can’t control, Emelynn returns to the seaside cottage of her childhood, where she vows to take command of her dangerous gift. Here, she discovers an underground society whose members share her hidden ability, and a man who sends her heart soaring.

But is this secret society using the gift for good, or for evil? Unravelling the truth will plunge Emelynn into a fight for her freedom—and her life.

The first book in The Gift Legacy series, Secret Sky is a thriller that skirts the edges of reality in a world within our own. Buckle up and escape the ordinary: take flight with Emelynn Taylor.

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