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Here are the stars and a basic overview of what they mean. Please DO NOT give an Author one star because your book did not download properly or your hard copy arrived late. You need to take that up with Amazon Customer Service, or whatever service you used to purchase the book.

Not all negative reviews are bad. Some people like reading about the things you did not.

For example:

I was shopping for a purse/tote bag online, and one of the reviewers hated it because she thought the…

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The power of translation


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


You are a writer. You have written an awesome book, published it. Your readers love it. This doesn’t only sound great – it is a real achievement. People love it, write about it and suddenly you are in need of a translation.

Your next step is obviously to start looking for a translator…

Not every university graduate in linguistics is the right one for your book; not every non-graduate translator is the wrong one for your book.

This is important:

  • How much and what has your translator done so far, do the subjects fit? If the translator’s work up to now consisted of translating articles on economy, this might not do for your epic story.
  • Does your translator know about your topics and/or genre(s)? A medical translator might not be right for your young adult series.
  • Is your translator open-minded and creative, without changing your style? A translator isn’t there to rewrite your book in another language.
  • Is your translator aware of the responsibility? A bad translation doesn’t sell and can be the source of bad reviews.
  • Are there references for your translator’s translation qualities? A translator needs to be as safe as houses in both languages, the original and the mother tongue.

As a university graduate in Germany, there were lots of different topics to cover – not only for the exam:

  • A third language as a sideline.
  • Translations in both directions – general.
  • Translations in both directions – special topics.
  • Culture and society of both countries.
  • Writing essays in both languages, focusing on different types of readers and topics. (to also graduate as technical author)
  • Debating on general and special topics in both languages.
  • Interpreting in both directions.

On graduating, I (personally) swore an oath to always translate with utmost care.

A hint was given to us in one of our last semesters: ‘Do not read translations, do not trust anyone else’s translation.’ We were shocked.

I respect this hint and read originals (English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese). In case of other languages, I read the English version. Throughout the years, I was very disappointed in how some translators ruined a book title. The English translations (once from Swedish to English, once from French to English) were correct, the German versions lacked sense and/or accuracy. Some potential readers refrained from reading the books as they were repelled by the titles. The translation from Swedish to German showed a lack of knowledge of German culture and society. Very sad.  😦

There is a very positive example I’d like to mention here:

I just finished reading ‘O Próximo Alvo’ by Marcel Trigueiro. An awesome book – my review is coming in March. You may ask yourselves, why I do not publish my review right now. I glimpsed at the translation, and liked what I saw. Therefore, I decided to read the English version translated by Leiah Cooper as well. I already started, am thrilled about the fine quality of this translation. I need to read and review some other books first, however.

Marcel Trigueiro and Leiah Cooper: Please accept my standing ovations!  ⭐


3 Quotes – Books

Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him.

Maya Angelou, American poet

born:  April 4, 1928
died:  –

Books were this wonderful escape for me because I could open a book and disappear into it, and that was the only way out of that house when I was a kid.

Dean Koontz, American author
born:  July 9, 1945
died:  –

A book should serve as the axe for the frozen sea within us.

Franz Kafka, Czech novelist
born:  July 3, 1883
died:  June 3, 1924


Which are your favourite ‘book’ quotes?  🙂


Poll: Where and how do you buy your books?

Where and how do you buy your books?

1. Preferably…    (please select the option that suits you most)


2. Where and how in general…    (please select all options that apply)


Depending on my bookshelf capacity (small room, lots of shelves), I have to buy more and more ebooks.  😉


I am looking forward to reading your comments!  🙂


The Goodreads Choice Awards 2009-2013 – Statistics

Number of categories:



2009:  13

2010:  23

2011:  22

2012:  20

2013:  20


Number of Goodreads authors among the winners:



2009:  7

2010:  9

2011:  11

2012:  12

2013:  12

Percentage of Goodreads authors among the winners:



2009:  54%

2010:  39%

2011:  50%

2012:  60%

2013:  60%

Highest winning percentage:



2009:  37.1%

2010:  38.1%

2011:  28.2%

2012:  42.9%

2013:  43.0%

Number of total votes cast (in thousands):



2009:  53,500 (approx.)

2010:  157,000 (approx.)

2011:  638,603

2012:  1,156,852

2013:  1,953,770


What do you think about these figures? Which numbers will change – and why?

I am looking forward to your suggestions!  🙂