2018-07-10: Song of the day

Jonathan van der Lugt – Song of Peace and Hope

Two worlds, one planet
One sky, no hope
My heart drowns in sorrow
Knowing you are out there on your own

I chase my future
You left your past
Not knowing if tomorrow
You will be free at last

Facing death on open waters
All your hope is running dry
And I struggle with the never-ending why

I’m trying to write to you a song of peace and hope
Of love that’s strong enough to save you
But when I think about the pain with which you cope
I can’t find the words although I try to
I can’t find the words although I try

Peace, black coffee, and a cheesecake.  ☘



Something Like Home #humanity #languages @duolingo

Dear friends and readers,

Duolingo is a learning platform I discovered when starting to learn Swedish. Learning languages with Duolingo is fun, I receive their newsletter, and this time they surprised me with the following documentary.

We started Duolingo to make education free and accessible to all.
In time for World Refugee Day, we’re honoring our commitment by releasing Something Like Home, a documentary about the impact of language on the lives of Syrian refugees.

One of the reasons I was eagerly learning languages in school was to not feel left out, and to understand others while travelling. Today, I am still eager to learn languages, to show that I care, to connect. I have to admit that these are currently limited to Indo-European and Romance languages. I do not know which language I am going to tackle next; after scanning the possibilities, reflecting, the right language will present itself. It will most certainly be one of the languages that is urgently needed in these times.

Here’s to more humanity.

Peace, hope, and home, my friends.


The Room #humanity #hope

Picture “The Room” by Valentina, 12

The room is located in the cellar of a church, originally meant to be an archive. Old printed lyrics, hymn books, and documents are scattered in a rack by the wall. The two windows are small, let only a hint of light into the room. The floor is covered with an old green carpet which protects little from the cold; during summer maybe pleasant, in winter a source of distress. The whole room smells of mould and wet carpet.

Despite all this darkness – there is this warmth; the warmth and the hope of the people living therein. And also the warmth of those who support them, be it by grocery shopping, teaching German, or simply by stopping by for a get-together with tea and nuts. The endearing lady, who picks up the laundry every week, returning it freshly washed and ironed, presents a bouquet of flowers for cheering up. It is the hope for a better life after a long and very painful escape, grief, fear, and loss of friends and family, the fear of the unknown exile. It is difficult to learn the language, however all this is better than the previous circumstances.

The days are long as without the possibility to leave the church premises, there is not much to do. Between reading text books on the German language and practising German grammar, there is room for thought, bearing in mind the uncertainty of one’s future. Will the process have a positive ending? Will one be allowed to stay in Germany? Or will one be sent back like an unwanted parcel?

All these fears cannot be banned, however, due to cooperation and mutual support there is the rising hope for a better world. This cohesion, support, and voluntary help make us human; human beings who are caring and help. In this world full of rush, rivalry, and egomania they are like sun-rays finding their way through the greyish clouds to shed their light.

Author:  Yúlika O.

Translated by:  Karen @ My train of thoughts on…

Dear friends and readers,

You can imagine that thousands of texts have crossed my desk since I became a professional translator and technical author. This text is the one that touched me the most. As a translator you have to follow some rules; rules like to never ever change the original text’s style. In this case you were just reading the thoughts of a young woman who does her utmost to make this world a brighter place.

I was amazing to see the room through the eyes of another visitor – a hopeful twelve-year-old girl.

Here’s to peace, and hope.  🍀



3 Quotes – Hope

My great hope is to laugh as much as I cry; to get my work done and try to love somebody and have the courage to accept the love in return.

Maya Angelou, American poet

born:  April 4, 1928
died:  –

I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe.

Dalai Lama, Tibetan leader
born:  July 6, 1935
died:  –

Three grand essentials for happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.

Joseph Addison, English writer
born:  May 1, 1672
died:  June 17, 1719


Which are your favourite ‘hope’ quotes?  🙂

As today is Happiness Day – ‘hope’ is an adequate keyword, right?   ⭐