Word of the day: JOMO



noun (slang)
1. a feeling of contentment with one’s own pursuits and activities, without worrying over the possibility of missing out on what others may be doing: You can’t feel the good vibes of JOMO until you stop obsessing over everyone else’s Facebook postings.

Word Origin

First recorded in 2000–05; j(oy) o(f) m(issing) o(ut)

Related forms



Like it or not, we need our technology devices; we just don’t need them as much as we think we do. JOMO is about finding that balance.
(Hayley Phelan, The New York Times, July 2018)


Source:  dictionary.com


Dear friends and readers, please note that this is my word of the day. And – 🥁🥁🥁 – it is dedicated to 💚Wolfgang💚: Happy birthday.  ☘

Peace, coffee, and a cheesecake.  ☘