Dear friends and readers,
Please enjoy this wonderful poem by Sylvester Anderson:

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The lighthouse stands

A stoic structure

Symbolic of hope

A guiding light

When all seems lost

When all seems dark

And the sea is tempestuous

The lighthouse is there

A safe haven

All are welcomed

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Washed Ashore

Something beautiful – thanks to Sylvester Anderson:

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Cutting out a piece of the earth

Solitary heart

Finding peace in gratitude

Another heart echoes

Reflections wash ashore

Thoughts thrown out to the sea

Drifting further and further out of view

I see light from a far distance

Perhaps, my thoughts have found dry land

Perhaps, someone is gathering and reading them


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Monday Motivation: The Branch of Support 

Today’s share: Monday Motivation by Sylvester Anderson:

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Life is full of constant changes, from the minor to the major. We are affected differently by change. Some take it in stride, some go with the flow, and some do not take change well.

There are times when we need someone to talk to. We want an opinion, advice, encouragement, or we need to release. It can happen unexpectedly. We find ourselves being a branch of support for someone to land on for a spell, to catch their breath and regroup, so they can take flight again. There are moments when you just happen to be there and a relative, friend, or co-worker starts to share with you what is going on with them at the moment, good or bad. Perhaps they want to share or perhaps they need a boost to let them know everything will work out.

It takes patience, understanding and some old fashion kindness, to…

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Thank You For Coming My Way

Dear readers, once again – I feel the need to share the work of one of my favourite poets: Sylvester Anderson

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Working through the day

Making my way through this quiet time

Grab this moment to think of you

No intrusions

Uninterrupted thoughts

Thankful for the chance to disappear with you

Following a trail of silent clues

I stop to admire your smile for the longest

Adjusting the audio in my mind to hear you laugh, to hear you speak

It is always so very lovely

Express delivery of joy to my heart and a smile on my face

Continuing on the trail, I meet with you

The clues always lead to you

Here we are

In another moment of another day

Taking the time to say thank you for coming my way

Thoughts so strong, the smell of fresh flowers in the air

The moment is all you

I’m going to stay in this moment for a while

Feels good to be here


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