Three years of self-publishing as T. J. Blake

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Let me introduce you to author T. J. Blake!

T. J. Blake #Author

March 2016 marked three years into my indie author career, and the 23rd of August marked three years since I was featured in The Surrey Advertiser, with my debut novel, Endurance.

My time of self-publishing horror and thriller novels has been a real blast; I simply cannot complain about my experience with self-publishing what so ever. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing numerous stories for people to read, I’ve loved hearing what people think of my stories, I’ve been both stunned and thrilled about seeing sales across the world, and I’m excited for what’s to come.

I thrive on entertaining people and I love nothing more than getting lost in my own imaginary world, surrounded by people who I do not know but care about tremendously; and then left to observe this universe, and tell you what is happening.

My love for writing will never change, so there is a…

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The New Hogwarts Express?

Today’s shared blog post…
…because I like trains, the National Railway Museum in York, my short story about the ‘Spinner’, Harry Potter, films and – this blog post. 😀

Loco Yard

New Hogwarts Express - C Class - Kings Cross (1)

Good evening,

Tonight we are looking at something rather special as most people know we at LocoYard are big fans of the Harry Potter series and in particular the Hogwarts Express so it comes to no great surprise that tonight we are looking at the new Hogwarts Express that will be featured in the new Harry Potter spin off Fantastic Creatures and Where To Find Them. Fantastic Creatures and Where To Find Them is a prequel/spin off of the Harry Potter series taking place 70 years before Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone or for you American’s out there Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Today the Bluebell Railway’s SECR C Class is at Kings Cross under hire Waner Brothers for the filming of Fantastic Creatures and Where To Find Them. It makes sense for them to use the C Class given that its older than the Hall (only…

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Capturing History Challenge – Week 3

Ed Mooney – Capturing History Challenge (Week 3)
Enjoy awesome photos and amazing places!

Ed Mooney Photography

Untitled-1 (640x302)

We have a stunning collection of images in store for this weekend. I have been so excited over the last few days waiting to see what came in, and I was not let down. Each and every entry for this week’s challenge is unique and has an important history associated with it. Some are well known and some are not, but I don’t think that will make a difference. The biggest kick I get is to come across a new site and then go off and learn all about it. So thank you to everyone whom contributed to this week’s challenge. This is by far the biggest one to date, so keep them coming in, don’t be shy. If you have submitted an image before, you know the score. And for those of you who have not yet participated! DON’T BE SHY, I really want to hear from you. Check…

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