10 Steps To More Twitter Followers

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 10 Steps To More Twitter Followers

So everyone that uses the site Twitter will know that the more followers you have the more it can impact your life or business. Its simple more people = more sales, more interest and new friends.

See below for my top 10 tips for getting new followers, keeping them and utilizing them to the maximum potential.

10. Have a good Profile Picture


This is mainly just for aesthetic purposes, but if you have an picture that looks unprofessional then it will only make all of you and who you are seem unprofessional also. (This is a sure fire way to not get followers).

Since the picture is only a small photo meant to represent you, work within these means. In other words don’t try and squeeze yourself and a photo of the Niagara falls into the background. The main point of this is for people to see your face, so stick to that for the best results. Make sure that you crop the photo also. Now that you have chosen a nice and professional looking avatar (photo) for your profile photo nobody will be confused again to as what you look like.

9. Tweet During Peak Hours

OK, so how can you expect people to follow you while they are asleep? If you send messages, and tweet during peak hour you have the best opportunity to be seen. This gives you much better odds of people enjoying whatever messages you happen to be sending out and signing up to follow you. So what are peak hours ? (I hear you ask). You are likely to get the best results if you tweet 9am, 12pm, 3pm and 6pm. Also remember if you are targeting followers in another country look to see what time it is for them there and alter as appropriate.

 8. Create an Effective Profile Bio


Unless you are already famous (if so shout this article from the rooftop please ;)) (and even if you are), if you create yourself an effective bio entry it can be a superb way in which to attract followers. Lets face it would you follow someone whose bio was “I sit at home all day , eating chips and living off tax payers money”? You need to be creative , clever and intelligent when you get round to writing your bio. You want to sum up who you are, put in any links to websites you can in order to promote them.

7. Ask Questions


A top way to get followers is to get people engaged in conversation with you, the best way is to ask a question and wait for them to reply back. The trick is that even if the person you asked doesn’t reply chances are someone who follows them will and perhaps even follow you. The best thing is everyone already following you can see these tweets and retweet them sharing the question you asked with their community and Twitter really does spread like wildfire.

6. Send “@Messages” to Top Users


A good way to get yourself noticed is to send a @message to someone like this Tweet_to_Sfoxwriting // to top users of twitter and your friends. Talk to a celebrity for example and if they retweet you have suddenly got another 10-100 followers in one tweet!

5. Repeat Yourself


OK, this one may come as a bit of a surprise, you would think posting something more than once would actually aggravated your followers. But if you are an avid tweeter, then the chances are your followers may not actually get chance to read everything the first time round. Repeat your best tweets a couple of times a day (the peak hours is recommended). Don’t overuse this method but it can seriously help!

4. Post Pictures


You know the expression a picture is worth a thousand words? Well luckily for you, in this case it only needs to be 140.

Everyone likes to look at pictures, they are easier to get information from than words alone. Twitter users are no different. If you happen to pick up on a massive news story fast, and post a photo about it chances are you will pick up a lot of followers.

3. Develop a Niche

niche-marketing2Having a targeted audience in mind can help you get the followers you really want, the ones that are interested in what you want to say because they are saying similar. If you have a lot of knowledge about something, anything at all, go with that. The best thing you can do is take whatever you are good at tweet about it then find specific message boards and forums and post you links here to get refined followers. Obviously the bigger the niche the more followers potential but also more people in the niche.

2. Link to Interesting Sites


It is quite easy to get mired down with mundane posts when you are using your Twitter. Detailing exactly what you did that day might be funny for you close friends but potential followers wont be interested. Give your existing followers interesting links to check out (

// ) . If they like it they will re-tweet you , meaning all their followers will see it also therefore giving you a massive audience just from one post = more followers.

1.Link Your Account

If you are connected enough to have a Twitter account in the first place, then the chances are that you also use other forms of internet outlets. You need to use everyone to promote your Twitter account. Post your twitter information on your Facebook page. Post It on your blog . If you have accounts on Digg or a resume profile on LinkedIn (check out here for my in depth professional guide on creating the perfect LinkedIn profile here). You should even use your Twitter information within your email signature. If you combine this tip with the other 9 you are well on your way to making your Twitter following grow massively.

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