10 Statements – S. Jackson

Mary L. Schmidt writes under the pen name of S. Jackson, and she is a retired registered nurse, who won the coveted Leora B. Stroup Bachelor of Science in Nursing Award for outstanding clinical performance, community involvement and academic achievement in Nursing Award, while at Fort Hays State University. She is a member of the Catholic Church, and has taught kindergarten Catechism; she has worked in various capacities for The American Cancer Society, March of Dimes, Cub and Boy Scouts, (son, Gene, is an Eagle Scout), and sponsored trips for high school children music. She loves all forms of art but mostly focuses on the visual arts; amateur photography, traditional, and graphic art as her disabilities allow. She has published fifteen books since retirement; the first a memoir, When Angels Fly, followed by an Art Picture book featuring her own works of art, one cookbook, and thirteen books for children of which seven are a part of a full series. Protecting children from molestation is important to her, and with that in mind she wrote Suzy Has A Secret. Seeing what bullies can do to a child inspired her to write the book, The Big Cheese Festival. Schmidt has designed all of her book covers. She loves spending time with her husband (and co-author under the pen name A. Raymond) Michael, and especially their first grandchild, Austin, age 21 months. She is a Member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators: The international professional organization for writers and illustrators of children’s literature, and Sigma Theta Tau International: The Honor Society of Nursing, which is the second-largest nursing organization in the world with approximately 135,000 active members.

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My personal mottoes:

“When life knocks you down, just get back up and keep on going!”

“Have faith and believe in yourself; don’t compare yourself to others, you are unique!”


10 statements
  1. A typical (work) day begins with… waking around 7:30am, making morning coffee and having a light breakfast, followed by answering email, jumping on Twitter followed by Facebook, and then I either spend time writing or designing until a late lunch with husband, followed by downtime for the two of us for about three hours, then social media – usually Instagram, morning writing, late dinner, movie with hubby, shower and bedtime.
  2. I lose track of time when I’m seriously creating new book covers and art works. Occasionally, I will glance out the window in front of my desk just to see what the cardinals and wild squirrels are to.
  3. I have always…loved reading since time began for me, and I read most genres.
  4. I have never… been to Europe and I would love to visit England, Ireland, Scotland, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Spain, The Vatican, France, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. I would love seeing all of the old castles. The foods and cultures are/would be amazing.
  5. Home means to me… spending quality time with my husband, and our children and grandson when they come visiting. My husband and I love to cook meals together!
  6. I am inspired by… strong women who persevere no matter what comes their way. Women who get back up after being struck down by whatever way/situation are inspiring; and women who nourish their children in a loving, full of hugs family – total love!
  7. I would like to meet… the Pope as he is inspiring to me.
  8. My worst character trait… reserved when meeting new people. It takes me a bit to warm up to those I meet.
  9. My best character trait… compassion and empathy which I learned early on during my nursing career and afterwards.
  10. The best advice I was given… “Don’t give up, the best is yet to come.”


When Angels Fly

We often find ourselves daydreaming about what our futures will be like. This may be especially true if one lives in an environment most would consider less than desirable. Some are lucky to find their futures much like their childhood dreams. Others find the paths to their dreams strewn with hurdles.

Growing up, Sarah dodged her mother’s blows. She often hid in her room crying about her life. Still, she believes in her future and the happiness it can bring. In their book When Angels Fly, authors S. Stevens and A. Raymond tell Sarah’s story–their stories. The authors use their journals to describe Sarah’s experiences of family dysfunction, strength, courage, faith, abuse, grief, and so much more. You’ll read how, like many, she attempts to escape from her mother’s abuse through marriage. And like many, she learns it is not a viable alternative. Then Sarah experiences a parent’s ultimate tragedy twice, the deaths of her sons, Joshua and Eli.

When Angels Fly is about much more than the telling of a family’s tragedy. It is also the story of finding faith after it has wavered. Most of all, it’s a story of love lost and found.

After reading When Angels Fly, I realized how fortunate I am that my two children are alive and well.

–J. Thayer McKinney, author, Haunting of LaBelle

Print length:  333 pages

Published:  2015-11-10

Buy links (eReader):  books2read.com/u/b5MMYp

Shadow and Friends
Celebrate Ellsworth, KS
150th Birthday!

In this children’s picture book and seventh book in our ‘Shadow and Friends Series’, Shadow and Friends Celebrate Ellsworth, KS, 150th Birthday, two dogs and a family of squirrels decide to help Ellsworth celebrate the 150th birthday of the town’s history. This book coincides with the actual 150th birthday of Ellsworth in the summer of 2017. Illustrations are found on each page, most of them painted. Big Whitey tells the history of Ellsworth, and Fort Harker, with historical buildings, notable landmarks, and scenes painted by the author. At the end of this story, Little Whitey asks his father if they can re-enact the old west, dress like cowboys, and do a pretend cattle drive just like Ellsworth, KS. The squirrels dress in cowboy and cowgirl gear, and they even have a chuck wagon cook. They herd longhorn cattle, sing the state song of Kansas, and have lots of fun during their re-enactment. At the end of the story, they enjoyed a barn dance, celebrated the 150th birthday of Ellsworth, and Uncle Stubby took pictures and ‘selfies’. Children will love seeing the old west come alive with two dogs and a family of squirrels dressed in western attire, and using a small amount of cowboy slang. This delightful and funny book for children, targeted at ages 4-8, is easy to read and perfect for home or classroom. The story illustrates how cattle drives worked, the long dusty trails, life in the old west, and illustrations that produce pure imagination in children. Note: Actual gunfights and ‘adult type’ history were left out in this wild western history of Ellsworth, KS.

Print length:  39 pages

Published:  2017-06-17

Buy link (eReader):  books2read.com/u/bPJJDj







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