The Henry Girls @ Kulturforum Fürth

We had bought our tickets immediately after receiving The Henry Girls newsletter with the exciting news that they were going to be @ the Kulturforum in Fürth on 2014-11-13. Of course, our friend Markus was invited. He had attended The Henry Girls concert in Nuremberg (2013) with us and also loves their music.

Markus, Wolfgang and I met at the Kulturforum’s restaurant to grab a bite. We got one of the last tables and ordered. A little while later, the door opened and in came – The Henry Girls! We chatted for several minutes. They enjoyed their vegetarian dishes as much as we did. Markus was also very pleased with his non-vegetarian choice.  😉

The concert started on time, briefly introduced by the organiser.

We listened to…

  1. December Moon
  2. Ol’ Cook Pot
  3. Sing My Sister Down
  4. Couldn’t Ask For More
  5. Reason to Believe
  6. The Light in the Window
  7. Actions Speak Louder Than Words
  8. O’Harlan’s Farewell to Music (instrumental)
  9. Early in the Morning
  10. Here Beside Me
    During the break, I treated myself to The Henry Girls album ‘Louder Than Words‘ – and had it signed.
    And again, I seized the opportunity for a chat. Among others, I told Karen McLaughlin how much I admire their version of the traditional Gaelic song ‘Dúlaman‘.
  11. The Weather
  12. Rain & Snow
  13. Sweet Dreams
  14. Stop Saying Forever
  15. Dúlaman  (song only, and the picture)
  16. Watching the Detectives
  17. When the Dark Clouds Fall
  18. Boogie Woogie Love
  19. How Do You Know?
  20. So Long but Not Goodbye

    As a bonus, The Henry Girls performed this song:

  21. The Parting Glass


Afterwards we chatted a little more, Markus and I finally went downstairs. Wolfgang was still talking to Joleen. When he joined us some minutes later, he had a very special surprise for me: World’s greatest husband had convinced the organiser to give him the tour poster from the entrance hall. Then, he had Karen, Lorna and Joleen McLaughlin sign the tour poster for me!  :mrgreen:



More about The Henry Girls:

Irish Spring (Roth, 2012)

The Henry Girls (Nuremberg, 2013)


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