The Henry Girls – concert in Nuremberg (2013)

Karen, Lorna and Joleen McLaughlin

Karen, Lorna and Joleen McLaughlin


Saturday, 2013-10-12, once again meant ‘Let’s go and see The Henry Girls’ in concert.


The Henry Girls:

Karen:  fiddle and vocals

Lorna:  vocals and accordion

Joleen:  harp, piano and vocals

We met The Henry Girls before: in Roth at the ‘Irish Spring Tour’ (2012; Nuremberg was the last stop of this year’s German tour.

Thanks to being newsletter recipients since Irish Spring 2012, we were able to order four tickets in time. As we knew that Loni-Übler-Haus does not have as many seats as the Kulturfabrik Roth, we felt in some kind of hurry.  😉

The other visitors knew about the concert due to the daily press and the Loni-Übler-Haus flyers.

Despite our hunt for a parking space we arrived early, full of anticipation. The bar provided ales, wine, soft drinks, and (slainte!) Guinness.  🙂

Slowly but surely all seats but two were taken. The Henry Girls were introduced and started right away. The first song was barely completed when our applause was interrupted. A car blocked the drive. Halfway through reading the licence plate, The Henry Girls realized it was their rental car. 😉

Until 10:00 pm – just one pause in between – the audience enjoyed and participated in the classic and new songs.

Among others:

– Ol’ Cook Pot

–  Sing My Sister Down

–  December Moon

–  Light by the Window

–  Dúlamán

–  Stop Saying Forever

–  Sweet Dreams

–  Couldn’t Ask for More

–  Early in the Morning (audience)

–  Farmer Song (audience)

–  a beautiful harp solo by Joleen

–  O’Neill’s Lament, O’Neill’s March

–  How Do You Know (by Tucker Zimmerman)

–  So Long – Good bye

–  Parting Glass (a capella)

–  Farewell

–  Should I Fall Behind (Bruce Springsteen)


After the last bonus song ended, the audience was invited to a meet and greet, to buy CDs and get them signed. Despite Nuremberg being the last concert on the tour, the atmosphere was relaxed. The Henry Girls, the audience and the organisers were in a good mood.  🙂


My favourite song “Dúlamán” (The only version on YouTube, so far):

2012 Milwaukee Irish Fest – The Henry Girls and The Fox Hunt singing Dúlamán


As there was no new album to buy yet – have a peek at last year’s purchase (December Moon):



Dear Karen, Lorna and Joleen

Thank you so much for this pleasant evening. We are looking forward to your next album and to your future concerts.  🙂

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